Frequently Asked Questions


Can one Resident have multiple logins or does each resident (e.g. husband, wife, child) have to have a separate resident account?
Accounts were designed to list everyone within a household. When an account contains an email address for both the primary and spouse, they can each use their own email address to log into their joint account, however, they must share the same password. Meaning, anyone within that household can log into their "household" account using either the primary email address or the spouse's email address but they must all use the same password.

With that said, accounts are tied to the primary email address that is listed in an account, not the spouse's email address. Therefore, while our system will not allow another account to get registered using an email address listed in the "primary" field, it is possible for the spouse to create a separate account with their email address. This way, each spouse can have their own login. When there are multiple accounts registered using the same address, you will see these listed with an orange triangle next to them in the "Residents" section of the Admin Control Panel. Additionally, these households will be listed more than once in the resident directory. There's nothing wrong with this approach, other than the accounts being listed multiple times.

I am a home owner but I rent out my Wellsley home. Can I register? If so, how?
There are multiple account types tied to a single address; Homeowner or Renter. are two of those. If you are a Homeowner, register on the site using the address of the home you own, define your account as Homeowner and set your Alternative Address to be your current mailing address

Can I control how much information is shown about me and/or my family members to other residents?
Sure. Click on your name on the upper right of the screen when logged into the site and click the Account Settings drop-down. From there you can change all your privacy and display defaults.